Turning spreadsheets into websites without the code or complexity. Simplifying the website building process with feature development and improvements



Project Type

Web App plugin


Product Development

Information Architecture

UI / UX Concept Design

Project overview

I worked closely with the Product Owner to re-evaluate key features and recommend solutions to make the Websheet tool more intuitive for users of all skill levels to create websites using a spreadsheet. Taking from common mental models of creating a website using a web builder (as a novice to a skilled user), I pinpointed key workflows, design elements, and structures that were counterintuitive to how these users would typically complete tasks.

High-level outcomes in which I played a role
More than just semantics

Confusion about the terminology and expected behaviour of features was identified as a potential risk for disrupting users' workflow. With development limitations forcing users to save only some changes while being able to preview others live, it was essential to communicate what actions were possible or necessary, in a transparent manner.

Action bar alert ideas and variations

To work around the limitations of only previewing certain changes live and properly communicating that work must be saved in order to view the new updates, we explored ways to display warning signs. Our goal was to accurately indicate which settings needed to be saved without being overly intrusive.