Hi, I'm Isabel.
I specialize in product development, digital consulting, and UI/UX design.

Just like any complex project, my path has been anything but linear.

Around 5 years ago I joined a small startup with nothing but curiosity and a burning desire to bring a vision to life. Being surrounded by brilliant minds in software engineering and product management ignited my interest in web development and UI/UX design.

From there, my learning and experience took off. I became invested to the point I changed career paths. What kept me going was the overwhelmingly positive (and sometimes critical) feedback from clients and colleagues. Seeing everything come together and inspiring people in the process is what made the challenging process of leading design and development efforts worthwhile.

Over time I added more layers to my experience, taking on projects across a wide array of industries, development stages, and product types. From collaborating with startup founders from Amazon, Google, and IBM, to working with enterprise companies such as Tipalti, Sonoco, and BOH Tea, I’ve been a significant part of driving impact in each role I’ve taken on.