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Project Type

Mobile App

Landing page


Product Design & Marketing

UX / Sales Copywriting

Project overview

As a key contributor of this project's development and direction, I helped re-engineer key workflows, assisted in the product marketing and positioning through various methods (i.e. UX / sales copywriting, branding, content development) and executed high-fidelity designs for the MVP.

A new product is nothing without the right placement

Like many digital products in the early development stage, there were many features and tactics that had not yet been considered. Through discussions with the Product Owners and Developers, I recognized gaps in the user journey including a lack of focus on the different user personas. These explorations of the various channels, entry/ touch points with potential users, and the user goals of each persona guided the development of new features such as the landing page, desktop checkout flow, and control panel.

Holding off the apps

Most people aren't willing to purchase a subscription to an app without trying it out first or being aware of the product, service, or brand in advance. The initial approach to marketing this product was to "build it and let users come", instead of leveraging different customer channels or placing the product where and when users need it most. I advised on the strategy and roadmap to ensure users wouldn't be left hanging in the middle of the user journey. As a result, I took the product from a few mobile registration pages to a synchronized and coherent journey from product awareness to purchase.