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Soccerdad is a photography and videography business specializing in high-quality video productions and elevated video systems for soccer games.
Soccerdad’s mission is to make it more accessible for players to take their game to the next level by offering reasonably priced video services to help players showcase their talent, analyze their performance, and improve their skills and training.
Concept Design
May 2019 
Sketch, Illustrator, Affinity Designer, Procreate

Project Goal

The goal of this project is to reimagine Soccerdad's brand and messaging through a new look and improved user experience for its website.


As Soccerdad's mission gain better recognition for competitive soccer in Canada, the goal was to position the company as more than just a contractual service. We wanted to promote Soccerdad as a driving force in players' success by showing prospective teams and clients what Soccerdad can do for them and how their investment can help them secure greater opportunities. 

Task Flow


Clearly listing the categories of services available cuts down the time it takes for potential clients to look for the service in which they are most interested
A slideshow of thumbnail images makes it easier for users to find their desired video with visual cues such as team colours, field location, and time of day, which would be difficult with a title alone
When deciding on whether to commit to a service, most people are influenced by how they see themselves benefitting or how others have benefitted from it. Displaying real people in action allows users to better visualize the experience and feel more connected 
Testimonials give users a sense of trust in the quality and credibility of services offered 
Following the journey of athletes who have used Soccerdad's videography services and have moved on to play at a more competitive level can help reinforce Soccerdad's mission to grow recognition for the sport 
(Disclaimer: not an actual testimonial) 
Let's face it– we can't always watch every soccer match in its entirety. Enabling users to share specific clips of the game is extremely valuable for players, parents, teams, and even scouts to catch the most memorable moments with ease
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