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Febbit is a bitcoin faucet game that rewards users in real currency for playing. Behind the scenes is a small team of designers, developers, and cryptocurrency/ blockchain enthusiasts who share a passion for gaming, creating, and bringing ideas to life.
Lead Art Designer
Game User Experience
Illustrator, Photoshop, Sketch, Adobe XD
Mar 2018 - Jul 2019

Core Initiatives

Developing Febbit's playful art style and designing a gamut of visual assets 
Transforming the user interface and crafting a more enjoyable user experience 
Growing our user retention rate by incorporating more dynamic and engaging features
Promoting new user acquisition through social media marketing 

The Goal

It's not just about creating a finished product.
At Febbit, we are constantly learning from our users and working on ways to improve our game. We strive to keep it free, fun, and easy to use. We want it to be able to fit into a person's daily routine without consuming too much time or effort. 
Ultimately, our goal is to make Febbit more sustainable. For us, this means building a better experience around our game to grow and retain our user base. 

Main Navigation Mockup

Challenges, but also Opportunities


As a small team of designers and developers, time and resources are critical limitations in our ability to frequently release content for our users and implement all our exciting visions for Febbit. 


One of the biggest challenges of designing a mobile-optimized web game that looks and feels good across many devices is maintaining consistency. Getting the right proportions for different layers of pixel art can be difficult when taking into consideration how each will be displayed by different browsers. 


While there are many areas that can be improved, as of late my focus has been on improving the user experience and usability of our game. I have since been working on designing a responsive map view of the main page with sliding capabilities. We wanted to move away from a "page-flip" navigation to a more engaging map experience, keeping in mind our limitations of designing on desktop and mobile.

A collapsible menu bar separates meta game features from core gameplay to maximize screen real estate

Limiting the range of options helps reduce decision fatigue and enables users to complete tasks quicker


Collecting stars

Completing missions


Levelling up

Getting powerful gear



Fast-paced progression


Being someone else

Being somewhere else

Key Insights

What Motivates Idle Users?

The best way to design for a gamer is to think like one.

Getting into the mind of different types of idle game users has helped inform how I design better interactions and experiences. These insights can be de grouped by the following:

Users collect “caches” which can contain valuable chips that are essential in the
users’ gameplay progression.

Outcomes and Takeaways


Immediate feedback is provided to users in the form of an aggregate power rating system when users complete tasks that advance their progression

Users are able to manage the different kinds of chips that they have collected and can
use the acquired chips to improve their power rating 

Febbit continues to be a dynamic work in progress, with it constantly evolving and challenging our team to come up with new and clever solutions.

Throughout this project, I’ve pinpointed many of our usability issues and begun to address our biggest pain point which is effectively communicating to our users how to play. I have been leading this initiative by exploring how to make interactions more intuitive and how to restructure the user flow to help our users better understand the goal of the game.

As a small team, implementing new changes happens incrementally, and our work is never fully "complete" as there is always something to learn and to improve. 

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